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About Naikbeen Group of Companies

Naikbeen Group Formed in 2002 as a family-owned company, NAIKBEEN GROUP OF COMPANIES has established itself as a leader in the areas of consultancy project, Human Resources outsourcing Managements, Information technologies, Promotional Supply, HR Service, Manufacturer & Support as well as Order Fulfillment.

We have opened many offices locally and are spreading our operations by incorporating into new industries and Services, Through our actions we are able to offer employment for the youth of Afghanistan and also train them to learn and prosper throughout their career.

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that everything should be done for the improvements of the living standards of Afghan citizens. One of the group's goals is to bring foreign investment in Afghanistan and to increase the standard of quality and performance. We also try to raise the benchmark for performance and quality amongst our competitors so that a competitive environment is created which would benefit the public and would give us a reason to pursue a higher quality standard. We constantly review our strategy and work on introducing measures, which would help our clients and us both.

Business Registration:


Registered in Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA); Registration Number is ( D-67923 And D-29918 )

And Registered In Afghanistan Chamber Of Commerce Industrial (ACCI), Also we are Golden Member of (ACCI).


Naikbeen Group Manufacturer


Naikbeen Group biggest Promotional Production Manufacturer and Supplies we are producing all kinks of promotion items Wall Clock, Plastics, Crystal, Steel Wooden and many other items and we are also Printing on promotional items like Mug, Pen, Paper Printing, Dinner set, Water Set, Gift box, Sickness Bag, paper bag,  Plastic bag and many other items.

We are provided more than 100 Kinds of items for our customers all over Afghanistan with best quality.

Logistic and Supplying

Naikbeen Group is one of biggest Logistic and supply in Afghanistan. We are already done many projects for our clients, 

Our all project successfully completed as per clients requirement ,

This is Below are some of clients.


Etisalat Afghanistan

Khurshid TV Internews

EUPOLE European Police in Afghanistan


Afghan Chamber of Commerce.



UN United Bank


Islamic Relief


Naikbeen HR Management & Consultancy

  Naikbeen Information Technologies.

Naikbeen Group Currently Providing Human Resources outsourcing to Afghanistan National Kickboxing Federation (AKF). from Last 4 Year, providing HR Service and Human Resources outsourcing all over Afghanistan. We are currently provided more then 500 Staff to AKF during past 4 year. In these 500 Staff we have Hiring and firing.

We are also providing consultancy services to AKF from last 4 year. The AKF management team always happy from our service and they want sign long trams contract with us.

We are done some successful Training in side Afghanistan and out of country, the team always come back with successful. Our professional team able to manage all kind of biggest Event, Exhibition, Training  outsourcing Server and many other management services.


Naikbeen Group  biggest IT Company in Afghanistan with more then live 500 Customers in web site. We are specializing in customized desktop and online business applications, web site, and information management systems, Founded in 2002 with the intention of imparting the urge to lead in the field of Information technologies, we are registered more then 500 website for NGOs, Government, International Companies, UN, Embassy, privet sector and many other. Please visit our website at

Telecom Services  and Telecom Equipment installation doing for Afghanistan telecommunication Companies.  We are already made some Etisalat Equipment installation site in site TKH02, TKH04 and TKH09 also some other solar installation done by us. We have some professional Staff for installation, configuration, pointing, and installation of all kind of BSC, BTS, Microwave. May Team Leader Got training in China Dubai and Afghanistan. He got telecom turning in China Biggest Telecom Companies University ZTE and Huawei.

Ministry of Communication: We Are also Registrar of (.AF TLD Domain Name Registrar Account) with Ministry of Communication and IT and we are First Company In Afghanistan Than have abilities of Direct Register Any Kinds of .AF Domain Name. and More then 68 other TLD.

Bulk SMS Service:  We are first and biggest Bulk SMS provider in all over Afghanistan, we are providing our SMS Service with more than 21 Reseller in deferent city of Afghanistan.

All SMS account come with Alfa and Numeric Sender ID. Our Control Panel have also Schedule Auto SMS Sending Option, with you will be able to set SMS in Advance and SMS will be start as per your Schedule Date and Time.  For registration please visit at



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